ASUT FIBERGLASS INC. Fitting are made from Glass Reinforcement and Thermosetting resins, using the Filament Winding, Machine Made and Hand Lamination Technique.
ASUT Fitting System are designed and qualified according to major international standards, such as ASTM-AWWA-API-BS-DIN and ISO, etc...
ASUT Fitting System diametre range from 25 mm up to 1200 mm all fittings monoblock molded and up to 3000 mm miter type production.

Pressure Class :
Standard Production 25 to 300 mm Pn 16 barg - 350 to 600 mm
Pn 10 barg.And we can design up to 100 barg.

Stiffness Class :
Standard 2500-5000-10000 Pa

Design Temperature :
EPI-DUR™ : Epoxy Resin (w/Aromatic-MDA Hardener) Base Fitting = 150°C
VIN-DUR™ : Vinylester Resin (Bisphenolic-Novalac) Base Fitting = 120°C
ISO-DUR™ : Polyester Resin (Isophthalic) Base Fitting = 70°C
F-DUR™ : Furan Resin (Furan) Base Fitting = 110°C
ComPlast™ : Fluoro & Thermoplastic Liner Fitting = 240°C

Jointing Type :
Adhesive Bonding Coupling Type
Bell & Spigot Double ‘’o’’ ring Type
Bell & Spigot Key-Lock Type
Plain end H.Lamination Type

Dimensions :
Please check our ‘’Fitting Dimensions’’ catalogue.