• Welcome to Asut Fiberglass

    Asut Fiberglass Company is located in
    Mersin Tarsus Industrial Zone.

  • Aşut Worldwide

    As a leading fiberglass company in Turkey,
    Asut Fiberglass manufactures fiberglass made
    products and provides services such as
    installation & transportation.

  • Quality

    Is to provide assurance according to the present
    and the future requests of our customers by the continual
    improvement in the processes of Design, Product,
    Service and in all other processes.

  • Special Applications

    ASUT can solve your projects details,
    Offer any special product with Themoset,
    Fluoro or Thermoplastic materials.

  • Tank

    ASUT Tank Dimensions :
    from 1 m to 4 m Diametre
    (Mersin Plant) Finished Tank.
    from 4 m to 5 m Diametre
    (Mersin Plant) Segmented Body.
    from 5 m to 25 m Diametre
    (Field Production) Finished Tank.

  • Stack & Chimney

    Type Of Applications for Chimney & Stacks,
    DeSox Plants
    Chemical Flue gas
    Chemical Plants
    All other applications

  • Pipe

    ASUT Pipe System are designed
    and qualified according to
    major international standards,
    such as ASTM-AWWA-API-BS-DIN
    and ISO, etc...

  • Fitting

    ASUT Fitting System diametre
    range from 25 mm up to 1200 mm
    all fittings monoblock molded
    and up to 3000 mm miter type production.

  • Scrubber & Absorber

    Type Of Applications for Column,
    DeSox Plants
    Chemical (Flue gas) Washing
    Chemical Plants absorbtion

  • Spray Bank

    ASUT Spray Banks and Recirculation lines are used in
    Wet FGD (Diesel-Coil-Oil) plants
    Chemical plants
    Soda Ash Plants
    Cement Industry
    Refinery Industry
    Spray Banks totaly tailor
    (custom) made spooling.

  • Spool

    Instead of loose components you may consider
    designing your pipe system with
    prefabricated sections, These are
    tailor-made in the factory and include elbows,
    branches, reducers, flanges
    and so on. These pipe spools
    offer the following practical

  • Termoplastik

    ASUT (wide) production range including Fluoro & Thermoplastic Liner Products.
    ComPlast™ Up = Polyvinylchloride, PVC
    ComPlast™ Cp = Chlorinated Polyvinylchloride, CPVC
    ComPlast™ Pp = Polypropylene, PP
    ComPlast™Pv = Polyvinylidene Fluoride, PVDF
    ComPlast™ Ec = Ethylene Chlorotrifluoro Ethylene, ECTFE
    ComPlast™ Pf = Perfluorinated Vinyl Ether, PFA
    ComPlast™ Pt = Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene, PTFE